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"For the strategic mind to work creatively, it needs the stimulus of good insightful analysis. In order to conduct a good analysis, it takes a strategic and inquisitive mind to come up with the right questions and phrase them as solution oriented issues. Analysis done for the sake of vindicating one’s own preconceived notions does not lead to creative solutions. Intuition or gut feel does not alone ensure secure business plans. It takes a good balance between the two to come up with a successful strategy"

Kenichi Ohmae, The Mind Of The Strategist


In essence: strategy is about identifying the critical factors in a situation and the pivot points; the leverage points, that can be multiply the effectiveness of an effort. "Kernel of strategy contains three elements: a diagnosis, a guiding policy and coherent action" notes Richard Rumelt.

aCatalyst Consulting’s approach to strategy is to begin with the end in mind. Typically, we work hand in hand with senior managers -- building up a feeling of trust and rapport -- and coach them as they develop both the overall corporate plan for the company and the individual business unit plans, stressing logical and analytical thinking blended with a touch of creativity.

The role of the consultants is to act as knowledgeable “outsiders” who stimulate thought, leading to the creation of an insightful strategic direction and business plans that serve as a practical management tool that will guide managers in their work.

By the word strategy we mean: taking into account the limited resources an organization has available and acting so as to gain a competitive advantage on a value chain over the competition.

Typically, we divide our assignments, into two parts:

  • diagnosis: acting alongside managers in analyzing the concerns the company faces
  • results achievement: working together in ensuring an operational and financial impact is achieved.

Our experience is that strategy must take into account all the dimensions of the organization, for instance, marketing, finance, operations, staffing, skills, systems and corporate culture.

In our work, we are able to apply a variety of tools and techniques that might include, for instance: activity based costing, benchmarking, business process reengineering, competitor profiling, core competencies, five forces industry analysis and portfolio analysis.

In the final analysis, aCatalyst Consulting strategic management assignments should result in a strategy for the organization that is:

  • identifiable – both in words and practice
  • consistent with the marketplace in Kenya and further field
  • in alignment with the capital and human resources available
  • a clear stimulus to effort and commitment.

If, the strategic management approach is working, it must be shown that there are early indications of responsiveness from clients, staff and in the broader marketplace.