People & Change
Linking Human Resources Management With Business Performance

Image description In our people and change work, “organizational DNA” refers to our practice of injecting new ideas and practices into organization. Human resources management was always considered important but the problem is that HR was always a step removed. It was often hard to see how good or bad HR management effected the performance of the business.

aCatalyst Consulting ties it's organisational DNA work right into business planning, beginning with corporate planning and with performance at the departmental level. For instance, how does one measure the performance of a department and link it with HR management? How do we know HR management is working aside from going through the standard routine on the HR cycle and simply hoping for the best?

Our approach is to set up an organisational DNA scorecard that measures the performance of a business unit, link it with the traditional harder measures of business. And, get managers to look their area of responsibility through the same set of eyeglasses. Then we make sure an effective HR management cycle is in place including: recruitment and selection, performance appraisals, salary surveys, incentives and training.

For instance, for one client we introduced measuring the organisational DNA effectiveness of a unit by examining three dimensions:

  • Level of morale -- staff's engagement in their work
  • Operational performance -- measured using quality brand standards
  • Financial based on sales, profitability and cost savings.
Right People On The Bus

“Right people on the bus” means making sure the company has competent enthusiastic staff and managers who can drive the organization forward.

One of the more interesting studies was a landmark five year study by Jim Collins and researchers that tracked 1,435 US established companies over 15 years which pointed out some remarkable commonalties of what it took to go from “good” to “great.” There was no mythical change moment – but what all great 11 out of 1,435 companies had was a stress on having the right people in place.

Creating Engaged Staff -- Increasing Morale

There is a direct link between people's engagement and business performance. In a working population it was found:

  • Staff who are engaged, loyal and productive -- 26%
  • Not engaged, just putting in time -- 55%
  • Actively disengaged, unhappy and spreading their discontent -- 19%.

Source: Marcus Buckingham, Gallup Organization

Trick is to increase the ratio engaged to actively disengaged staff. aCatalyst Consulting asks 12 questions -- Q12 -- representing core issues that have to be addressed to have staff be more engaged in their work.

Creating An Effective Profitable Organization

What makes a company effective? Not an easy question, no easy answers. Our approach is to work with managers using the McKinsey 7S framework to examine organisational effectiveness:

  • Staff -- right people on the bus
  • Skills -- in place and staff are engaged
  • Systems -- IT, finance, HR systems are appropriate
  • Strategy -- distinctive business strategy in place that shows how the company will gain a competitive advantage, adding value on each chunk of the value chain
  • Structure -- organisational structure fits the business model, the strategy
  • Organisational culture -- make the company an appealing place to work
  • Vision & Mission -- in place serving as a call to action
Our Track Record

aCatalyst Consulting staff have worked with numerous organizations in helping them become more profitable, stronger and better performing institutions.

Recruitment -- Finding The Right People

You can’t fit a square peg in a round hole. Getting the right person in the right position is critical.

aCatalyst Consulting works in its recruitment and selection process in ensure the right people are hired to add the organisational DNA spark to make things happen.

The recruitment of someone who just does not meet the needs of the job is a costly and upsetting process for all concerned. At all stages of the selection process we will closely work with you.

Beginning with spending time understanding your organization and the requirements of the job, developing a job description, then selecting the most effective recruitment method - right through to the presentation of short-listed prime candidates who have been thoroughly tested and gone through a series of in depth interviews.

Our Track Record – A Sample of Recruitment Experience

The principals of aCatalyst have been involved in a diversity of recruitment assignments, the following is a sample:

  • Financial Director with US GAAP experience for a well known company listed in the NSE and with a US based partner
  • Sales and business development manager and 12 sales account executives for a leading non bank financial institution.
  • GM and administration manager for a non bank financial institution
  • Sales manager for a computer software firm
  • GM & Underwriting manager for an insurance company
  • Plant manager for a pharmaceuticals manufacturing operation in the West Indies
  • MD for a well known manufacturer
  • General manager for an electrical engineering consulting firm
  • Group purchasing manager, human resources manager, public relations manager & marketing manager for Sarova Hotels
  • National sales manager and supply chain manager for a FMCG company
  • GM for a leading tour operator
  • Group internal auditor and country manager for an agribusiness firm listed on the NSE
  • Finance and investments manager for an insurance company listed on the NSE
  • 22 senior management staff including the CEO and a finance manager for the Community Development Trust Fund, a European Union start-up project
  • Finance, operations and purchasing managers for Red Lands Roses
  • MD of a local Kenyan bank
  • Bank manager and credit/risk manager for a Kenyan bank
  • Twice recruited the CEO for the Association Of Kenyan Insurers, AKI
  • Consulting staff for Deloitte & Touche
  • Marketing manager for a well known insurance company
  • Director General of a World Bank funded training institute in Ilorin, Nigeria