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Real strategy or Voodoo ?
Building an effective NGO
Creating teams that deliver
Segment your business to understand profitability
Strategy appears to be everywhere in business yet the truth is that genuine
strategy is rarely to be seen. What most companies have is the corporate
equivalent of voodoo. Instead of little dolls and statues with pins in them and
reading chicken entrails the voodoo is in the Power Point slides and glossy
reports that only serve to eventually gather dust.

What most companies and organisations have is not strategy, but an operational
plan, a glorified to do list, a hopeful wish list of what one would like to happen,
with solid diagnosis based on hard analysis and dash of creative thinking
noticeably sorely absent.  Read more
Non-governmental organisations [NGO] operating in Kenya
[numbering more than 6,000] range from the extraordinary, those who have
won the Nobel Peace Prize like the French Médecins Sans Frontières
[Doctors without borders] through to the ordinary, those that were formed last
week by two well meaning individuals.

Heart of the matter for NGOs is to answer the question, what results must it
deliver to be successful?

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Business books and the management press are filled with jargon. One of the
words that managers love to lavishly inject into conversations is the word: team.
Yet, when one asks a group of competent high flying Kenyan staff and managers
what a team really is, 95% will get it wrong.
So what is a team?

aCatalyst delivers team buildings that have a profound impact.

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Segment your business by products and services to know which are profitable
and which could be losing money. Do this and the results will amaze you.
Do you feel that you are working extremely hard and yet it does not seem to
be hitting the bottom line ? Are you very busy and almost could not take on
any new work, yet the firm’s profitability seems to be stagnant? You might
be surprised how common a problem this is.  Read more
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