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aCatalyst Consulting's thought leaders publish on a wide range of topics highlighting our depth of expertise in helping clients address the concerns they face. Our approach is characterized by hard factual analysis blended with "out of the box" creativity. Below find a sample of articles we have published.

IMAGE DISPLAYED Real strategy or Voodoo
By David J. Abbott
Strategy appears to be everywhere in business, yet the truth is that genuine strategy is rarely to be seen. What most companies have is the corporate equivalent of voodoo. Instead of little dolls and statues with pins in them and reading chicken entrails the voodoo is in the Power Point slides and glossy reports that only serve to eventually gather dust.
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IMAGE DISPLAYED Holy grail of business -- change for the better
by aCatalyst staff
Holy Grail of business must be the illusive change programme that genuinely transforms business performance. In many cases, despite excessive doses of new age management voodoo, and an often jargon filled optimistic start, with time, the balance sheet starts bleeding red ink. With the company worse off, than it was before the start of the misguided effort. Everyone talks about change and better operational and financial performance, but very few East African companies turn the talk into the bottom line. Why?
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IMAGE DISPLAYED How to get your NGO on the top 100 NGO list
By Christine Awuor
There are currently just over 6,000 NGOs registered in Kenya, and the number is on the rise – all competing for a share of the philanthropist’s purse. In the Global Journal’s top 100 NGOs 2013 list, only 4 NGOs out of the thousands registered in Kenya, featured. One third of the NGOs on the list were headquartered in the United States, 6 in India and 5 in Brazil. Where is your organisation on the scale ?
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IMAGE DISPLAYED Does human resources fail it's performance appraisal
aCatalyst Staff
“There are “serious and widespread doubts about human resources (HR) contribution to organisational performance.” “The activities of HR appear to be – and often are – disconnected from the real work of the organisation” wrote Dave Ulrich of the University Of Michigan in the Harvard Business Review in 1998. “Indeed if HR were to remain configured as it is today in many companies, I would have to answer the question with a resounding “Yes – abolish the thing!” says the professor of business.”
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