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Create a project that generates job experience for young people


aCatalyst Consulting believes that the missing link for young people, university and college graduates and others, is the ability to get much needed work experience.   We all know the statistics, for instance, 50% of Kenya’s population is under the age of 25 and youth unemployment constitutes 70% of total unemployment in the country.


aCatalyst Consulting is working together with youth in a forum to create financially and operational viable projects that provide  much needed work experience.  Skills young people will contribute are in, for example,   project design and management, ICT, sales and marketing, finance and operations.


While graduates may have high expectations about the type of job they will be able to get – the focus here is on creating practical projects, based on services and products in demand that create jobs, raising household incomes and provide that much needed work experience.


Our role in the process is to act as a ‘sounding board’ and facilitators to help you turn the idea into a reality.


For instance, one idea is for a street cleaning and recycling project that would clean streets and public areas, funded by business owners and others who are ready to pay for the service.  In this case the project feasibility would have to be carefully researched and thought out and one would have to liaise with the local authorities before the project kicks off.


It is always good to begin with a smaller demonstration project, prove the model works and then roll out on a wider scale.   Kenyan youth have energy, talent and creativity where 7 of the 30 of the Forbes Africa best under 30 entrepreneurs are Kenyan.


Let’s make this happen – send us your ideas.   We look forward to hearing from you.


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