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Image description " I highly recommend David as a small business coach for anyone who is truly ready to build a successful business. His approach is customized to meet the needs of the individual. When I hired aCatalyst,I was dogged with problems... despite having too much work to do. I felt out of focus and overwhelmed. David was able to identify with the precision of an insider all those things that I was doing wrong and put me back into perspective."

Lawrence Muriuki, Managing Director

What sports team or world class athlete does not have a coach ? Let aCatalyst coach you to be in action in creating your dream business.

Small business owners are on the firing line. Out of all things you could be doing what are the key leverage point actions you need to take – and focus on daily ? How does the 80/20 rule apply to your business ? For instance, likely that 80% of your revenues [and hopefully profitability] come for 20% of your products or customers ? Who are these ?

This coaching was specially designed to help you transform the performance of your enterprise and is a combination of business planning and introducing powerful techniques of affirmations and visualisation.

Target group

Small business owners and those aspiring to start their own ventures.

Objectives of the coaching
  • Work with you to improve your businesses performance and profitability
  • Explore the use of, for instance, affirmations and visualisation to contribute to your success
  • Gain practical business skills as opposed to just knowledge
  • Help position your business for growth
  • Assist you in creating a business plan that is both practical and insightful
  • Link you in with the world of resources available

We will cover each key element of your business operations -- and in the beginning set out a shared work plan based on what you want to achieve. The coaching can be based on a) weekly interactive face to face insightful sessions, or b) interactive coaching using the web, e-mail and phone conversations, or c) a combination of both.

Course content

Tailored to your needs, for instance:

  • Understanding your business and where the successes and roadblocks have been
  • Vision, focus, action
  • Gap analysis and a revenue plan
  • Creating a unique selling proposition, USP, in your marketing and sales efforts
  • Identifying, for instance, your ideal customer and the value proposition required to reach them
  • Importance of creating more standardised ways of doing things to deliver consistent value to your customer
  • Handling what stops you in having your business prosper and how to get in action
Our clients

We have worked with small business owners just starting out -- through to CEOs that have built companies to become market leaders – where we have built long term relationships.