Enabling real and lasting improvements

Study Of Hands   About us pageWe create value for clients, working with them, in addressing the significant problems and issues they face that impact their success.

aCatalyst Consulting was formed 16 years ago to provide leading edge practical advice to clients in Kenya and East Africa. Our intention is to help clients make a significant difference in their operational and competitive performance and achieve real and lasting improvements.

At aCatalyst we aim to be a creative thought leader, continually learning with an imagination associated with youth, combined with the wisdom and experience associated with maturity.

We emphasize two distinguishing principles in our consulting approach.

  • First an emphasis on measurable results.
  • Second is a process which strengthens the client's organisation.

By focusing on these two elements, aCatalyst Consulting helps to build lasting improvement into a client’s organisation.

aCatalyst Consulting’s clients are well known and aspiring market leaders that span the private, public, not for profit and donor sectors. In our engagements, we are able to draw on additional expertise and skills,  from our wide international network of associates and business partners.

Corporate social responsibility

acatalyst rescue dada‘Giving back’ are the two words that describe how we look at the area of corporate social responsibility. In 2015, through a programme evaluation assignment, we were introduced to Rescue Dada Centre  www.rescuedada.net 

We soon came to appreciate the remarkable work Rescue Dada  does in transforming the lives of Nairobi street girls. Similar to most NGOs, one of the  issues we identified is longer term financial  sustainability.

To address this,  we have been working with Rescue Dada in exploring imaginative ways to diversify revenue streams.  


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